How do I register for this event?

Are there rules that participants must follow to qualify for the derby?

I registered and now I can't find my confirmation/can't print it, what do I do?

Can I use a derby car that I made when I was younger?

I need to get a kit to make my car, where can I get one?

Is there a fee to participate?

What are the Registration Classes?

Is there an age limit to get into the show?

Do I need to be there when my car is racing?

Can I send my submission in if I cannot make it that day?

Is The Event Indoors or Outdoors?

Will Food be Available?

What time does the event start?

What will I win?

Where is the brewery located?

Is there parking at Long Ireland Brewery?

Will the tasting room be serving beer?

Do I need a ticket to just come and watch?

Is smoking permitted at the festival?

Is there an ATM at the brewery?